Telepathy, More Than Just Emotions

There have been times when through meditation and lots of introspection I’ve found a truth, a new way of looking at life or at least a piece of it, new for me that is. Most of the time when the light suddenly shines for me I’ve spent some time reveling in my new found understanding before beginning to realize that the truth I’ve found has been found by many in the past. Most of these revelations have been written about over and over through the generations and years. For some reason I seem to have the need to find these thoughts, these philosophies, these truths, for myself, seldom being able to simply read about them and learn from the work of others.

Recently I realized that one of the things I’ve spent the most time meditating and studying about is again something that has been described many times in the past. Not necessarily defined exactly as I see and understand it but still close enough for me to realize it is the same thing. The truth I’m referring to is the existence of the “third eye”. Although I think the two eyes we already have pass a lot of information there is definitely something else that we can use for added communication.

I’ve written my thoughts about emotional telepathy before, you can find it by looking at the post, “Emotional Telepathy” posted on Nov 8, 2010

Recent thoughts about this has led me to understand that it isn’t just emotions we can share, there is real telepathy. The problem?  It’s without words, you can’t carry on a regular conversation mentally so no, no one can read the exact thoughts in your mind. The easiest things to send and receive are emotions and that’s why for a long time I thought this was all you could share. Then I began to realize I was receiving more than emotions from some people, at times knowing things about them that I had no way of knowing otherwise.
Can you exchange information without words, can you grasp a concept or a whole paragraph of meaning without words? Yes, and that is how telepathy works. There aren’t enough people around with a strong ability and we have learned to block people so well that we aren’t forced to admit what is happening. We can accept emotions being exchanged without too much fear but to think some of the ideas we have actually came from someone else is very unsettling to most people.

The understanding of this concept began for me about 10 years ago when my recently deceased mother visited me and we had about a 10 minute conversation. Yes I know, most people don’t believe this is possible, I must have been hallucinating. I think of myself as very grounded mentally, very balanced, and with no tendency to hallucinations or delusional thinking. So why would I accept that the only two times I have had these problems is when I was talking to my mother and when I, at another time, was outside my body for a short time? But that’s what those I’ve told about these events have decided, I was having the only hallucinations of my entire 70 year life. I don’t think so.
When I was conversing with my deceased mother I had no problem understanding what she was saying. There was a slight surprise when she knew what I was going to say before I had time to put it into words. I didn’t even realize at the time that I wasn’t hearing, or receiving words from her. Her communication was in full thoughts sent instantaneously. Later my mind put words to the exchange, I think so I could better understand and remember what we ‘talked’ about.

Recently I was describing to a friend how to open yourself up to this kind of communication, “We have all built walls around ourselves for protection but these walls also isolate us from those around us. Instead of trying to instantly tear down the wall I take a more simple approach. Make a door, just behind and slightly above you eyes. Mine is a double door but it doesn’t matter what configuration it has. When you want to be open to people see and sense yourself opening this door and allowing their communication to pass through. You can also feel yourself reach out through the door to the person or people you want to communicate with and send them your feelings and with practice your thoughts. Add this to what people call ‘non-verbal’ communication and you have something that almost reaches true, full telepathy.”
A few days later I woke in the morning with the thought, “Sometimes I’m really not to bright, what I’ve been using and describing is what has for centuries been called the third eye.” So I did some research specifically on this and found it describes a lot of what I have found but is also in some respects quite different from my experiences. This isn’t too surprising, whoever is explaining this phenomenon is trying to use words to describe something that can’t be understood in words.

My next step was to try to understand why some people are so good at this and some can’t do it at all. I haven’t reached any better understanding of why but have put together some thoughts on the people who can’t do it. The more I thought about it the more I realize a lot of what we call nonverbal communication is actually telepathy. We read it better when we are face to face and better in close proximity. And we read it better when we can see the other persons eyes. The old saying, “The eyes are the windows to the soul” fits very well here. There is the third eye but the two we already have also pass a lot of information between people.
I’ve met a few people with Asperger’s syndrome. These people are very literal, they don’t get innuendo or understand subtext in a conversation. As I meditated on all this I realized the reason they are that way is they don’t understand nonverbal communication and have no ability to use telepathy. The less ability they have the worse their symptoms of Asperger’s, I would even guess that there is a continuum from them to those with Autism. It seems to me those with Autism are the ones with zero connection to the world around them, they are truly cut off within their own minds, they are truly alone.

Often those with Asperger’s or even Autism are very intelligent in their fields. almost like being at least partially cut off from the world around you allows you to use more of your mind for academic intelligence.   And this helps explain why the psychologist haven’t been able to prove telepathy in their studies.  The people doing the studies are the people with the least ability in the subject they are trying to study.  It’s like a color blind person trying to find red.

And so back to the way to enhance this ability, the most important is to meditate, also practice opening your doors (yourself) to those around you. One of the best, and most rewarding, times to do this is during sex, or I should say just before, during, and just after sex. If you’re in a relationship it will be a happier one if you can be open to/with each other most of the time. At first you will probably find that you will become mentally tired when you are open for long periods, don’t worry about this, your mental strength will increase over time.  To me the goal is to be able to be as open as possible as much of the time as possible.

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Acapulco gold, haven’t heard that term for over 20 years. “Oh no, this isn’t the same as back then,” the guy at the pot store says, “This stuff is at least 10 times more powerful than that was”.
I was on my way to spend the night with my girlfriend, “On the way could you pick up some pot?” She asked. We had tried some edible before but didn’t get anything but sleepy from it so this time, since she smokes, she wanted a couple joints. So here I was learning about the new strains of pot. Until recently it had been at least 20 years since I’d tried this stuff but since it was now legal in Washington State I had tried the edible.
“How much is it”, I ask the clerk at the pot store.
“It’s $12 a joint.”
“OK, I’ll take two of them.”
Being a nonsmoker I only got 3 or 4 good hits before I started coughing and couldn’t smoke anymore. About the same time she decided she’d had enough so we put out the approximately 1/3 that was left of the first joint, we hadn’t even gotten to the second one.
As we went back inside I realized it was already hitting me and making me feel lightheaded. By the time I got into the bedroom and sat on the bed I knew I was in trouble. One of the main reactions I’ve always had with pot is it messes up my time sense, one minute can seem like hours. I’ve often walked across the room as I watch myself walk across the room as I watch myself watch myself walk across the room and on and on and on. But this was already way past that.
I could feel each second as it passed by and then the seconds began to fragment into hundreds and then thousands of pieces. Each fragment of time had connection to a stream of reality with the present in the center and a million possibilities fanned out to each side. It was like you read in science fiction, each second built the future and I could chose any path to any destination I wanted, no matter how unlikely that future I could travel that way if I wanted.  And all this I could see/sense inside my mind.
Many of the paths were to realities I didn’t want to experience; if all futures are possible then some of them will be good and some very bad. If I focused on any one of the paths I would find myself starting to bend reality that way.
MEDITATE!!! That’s all I could let myself think, meditate, center your thoughts, keep control of this or you will be crazy and no telling where you might end up.
How many hours had I been sitting here? I looked at the night stand, the clock showed only 15 minutes since we had gone outside. How could that be possible, I knew we’d been back in for at least a couple hours. “Oh, right, my time sense is gone”
“I’m thirsty” “My throat is a little raw from smoking that stuff” “There’s a diet seven up on the night stand” “I wonder if I could reach it?”
After hours of thought I decided I could probably reach the bottle so I started my arm forward but it only went an inch before I had to reevaluate what I was doing and why and decide again I did want a drink. Each inch of movement, each second I had to go through the thought and decision steps again. As I finally got the bottle in my hand I was able to bring it to my mouth in half the time, take a sip and sit it back down.
“Hey, someone else is here. She’s talking to me. I think she ask if I was alright. Oh, it’s you. She looks worried about me. I should reassure her someway. But what would I say since I’m not at all sure that I’m alright. Maybe if I touch her on the arm she will be reassured.”
As I reach out through the years it takes to touch her arm there beside me I asked, “Did you see how long it took me to take a drink of my soda?”
“About 10 seconds” She replied.
“Damn, I’m really high as a kite, aren’t you getting anything from this stuff?” I ask her.
“Just a little sleepy, are you sure you’re alright?”
“I think I just need to meditate”, was all I could say.
About this time I realized that any action on my part fractured the reality flow and blurred some of the lines between the possible futures. Talking made the whole picture of reality within me blur and made me feel slightly nauseous.
And so I sat there trying to meditate, keep myself centered and not start down any side paths. It was really difficult, the pull of some of the possible futures was hard to resist. As I sat there I wondered if I had really done it this time, had I gone too far and would never come back.
“NO, NO, don’t think that way, there is a chemical in your system and when it clears this will be over. I sure hope so because I can’t do this for a lot longer”.
I was sitting on the bed so instead of trying to pull the covers from under me my girlfriend had wrapped up in the bedspread and lay there looking at me with a worried look on her face. I saw this but was too busy staying sane to do anything about it. After a while I realized she was snoring, “Good, if she’s asleep she won’t notice how long this takes because even with my time sense gone I’m pretty sure it’s going to take a while for this shit to clear my system.
“IT’S WEAKER” I could sense a lessening in the strength of whatever was trying to pull, drag me away from sanity.
I looked a mile across the bed, her eyes are open, “I think I’m getting better”. Then I tried to explain to her the sensations I’d been, and was still going through.
“Please, leave it until tomorrow; you’re not making any sense”.
Sometime later I heard her gentle snore and again felt a little less guilty for how the evening was turning out.
“Maybe I can meditate harder and stop it sooner. No, I’m putting all the energy I have into maintaining as it is. Oh well, I’ll just have to wait a little longer.”
As I finally got to the point where I felt I could function without breaking into a million pieces I looked at the girl beside me who was awake again, “Wouldn’t it be more comfortable if I got off the bed and we got under the covers?”
“Yea, that would be nice if you think you can make it.”
It took a while but I was able to stand, pull back the covers and then realize I still had my clothes on. I’m sure it was a comedy routine as I got my jeans off, my shirt over my head, and fell onto the bed pulling some kind of cover over me.
I was still high but by now I was so mentally worn out that I knew I had to sleep. I told myself I was safe now and could let the mental guardian rest. As I was about to fall asleep I looked again at the clock, it had been 4 1/2 hours since we had smoked the joint.

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An opinion poll was being done, this is the first question to the first subject and his answer.
“Most elections in the US have less then a 30% turnout of eligible voters. In view of that statistic what is your opinion about the apathy of the general populace, especially in how it relates to politics.”
The guy pauses for a moment thinking and then says, “Well, I guess the best way to say it is, I really don’t give a damn”.

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When will we have peace?

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.

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Sticky Grease

I recently bought a new truck, well new to me. It’s a 2005 Ford Ranger, extended cab, 4×4, 6 cylinder, with 115000 miles on it. It was a one owner but I found out after buying it that the first owner was a construction company in a Seattle suburb.
When I was trying out the truck I noticed there was a bumping feeling when taking off and occasionally when stopping. If you took off fast it didn’t do it but taking off with a light foot got from one to 4 bump feelings.
I took the truck to the airport so my friend Darrin could look it over for me, he was a mechanic in the army and seems to be pretty good at it. He said the bumping was probably loose shackles that hold the rear end to the springs and wasn’t anything to worry about. His advice, if I bought it, was to take it to a frame and axle garage here in town for a simple fix which I did.
After looking it over the mechanic said the shackles were OK and it was moving because the transmission mount was worn out. He also said the rubber boot on the left tie rod was ripped and dirt would slowly get into the joint and wear it out. The part is made so you can’t replace the rubber boot but have to replace the whole tie rod. So almost $700 later it was ready to go.
As I drove away from the garage the bumping was exactly as before and now the front end was screaming with each pothole or turning a corner. I drove around the block and went back into the shop. Again checking it over they said the noise was from the inner tie rod that was worn out and was making noise because replacing the outer one tightened up the system. They had to order the new inner tie rod so they said while waiting for it to come in they would be doing research to find out why there was the bumping feeling.
After another bill putting the total over $1000 there wasn’t any screeching in the front end but the bumping I had originally taken it in for was unchanged. The mechanic now told me it was probably the torque converter and that these specific trucks had a history of problems with it.
I did my own research and learned the torque converter sometimes jerked when it was locking up above 40mph, not on a easy start from a stop. A visit to a transmission shop, the owner driving my truck, got me another diagnosis. He said the clutch pack in the limited slip differential was causing the bumpy, jerking feeling.
Again my own research found that most of the people who had problems with the torque converter and with the clutch pack cured it by flushing the transmission and/or the rear end and putting in new fluid. So another $500 for this service including a special additive to the rear end to make the clutches smoother and the bumping was still there, unchanged.
About a week later I was leaning on the back of my truck talking to someone when I noticed it seemed to move more than most vehicles when in park. I grabbed the tailgate and pushing and pulling while leaning to look underneath showed the rear axle twisting so much it looked as if the drive train at the universal joint would bind. Also the springs were oval shaped at each end but flat in the middle. The first owner had likely hauled heavy loads in the back of the truck and the weakness in the worn out springs was allowing the whole rear end to twist much more than usual. Thinking I had found the problem with the bumping I took it to another garage that was recommended by a friend as the “best in town” and they agreed the springs needed to be replaced.
Just over another $1000 and I went to pick up my fixed truck. I made it less than a block away before I turned around and went back, it was still doing the same bumping as always. I ask the owner of the garage to take a ride with me and as I stopped and started over and over he said, “I don’t have any idea what is causing that”.
We went back to the garage and he went into the back of the shop asking me to “hang on for a minute”. He came out followed by an old man with the worst case of ‘bed head’ in his long hair I’ve ever seen. He looked scarecrow like in a set of coveralls that were much too big for his skinny frame, greasy and soiled with fluids best not ask about. His beard was a match to his hair, neither appearing to have been groomed or having felt a comb in years.
“Take this guy for a ride”, the owner said. So after he laid a rag slightly less greasy than his clothes on the seat to set on we went out and I did the stop and start that made the bumping feeling.
“It’s your drive shaft”, he said after a couple demonstrations.
I looked at him to see if he as joking, “The drive shaft is solid metal and has metal splines on the end that fit into the back of the transmission. If it was slipping there would be grinding and more shaking than I’m getting”.
He shook his head, “It’s not slipping in the round part, the reason it is made that way is so it can slip in and out as the rear suspension moves. It keeps it all from binding. The grease on the spline gears gets old and sticky so when you take off it tries to move in and out a little and it sticks and then lets go with a small bump. Your problem is sticky grease.”
Again I looked to see if he was joking but he seemed completely serious. We went back to the garage and he told the owner what it was, “Your joking!”. The owner seemed as incredulous as I was.
“Yep, and I can fix it in about 30 minutes. Just have to unbolt the back of the shaft, pull it out of the transmission, clean off the old grease and put on some new”.
So about 30 minutes later the problem was solved, the problem I had already paid almost $3000 to have fixed was taken care of for labor cost of $50. So now all I can say is watch out for that ‘sticky grease’.

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