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I had tried to write songs a few times when I was young but couldn’t seem to put together anything I thought worth keeping. After getting divorced and while going through some expected depression about the whole thing I started writing again. Coming from this time in my life and since I “grew up” country most of them are “crying in your beer” type songs. Some describe what I was feeling, some what I thought I should feel, and some what I wished I felt. A few of the later ones may not be as country as the others, but the emotion is honest in all of them.
If you see the song name in blue and underlined you can click on it to hear an attempt at recording. Some of the songs I wrote were done with my daughter Dena and her husband James under the name “Dura Mater” . We also did some remakes of some written by other people, most of them we changed so much they might not be recognizable to anyone with knew the original. A few years ago when I was living in Texas I met a guy with a recording set up on an old back porch and some of my songs were recorded there. A few of the “locals” that played one thing or other sat in on some of them just for fun. He had to edit out the sound of traffic from the street in front.

Matt’s song

My son Matt wrote a bluesy song and did a quick recording adding tracks of harmonica and lead guitar.  I recently visited and we redid it with me doing some back up on the verses and extra rhythm guitar–of course … Continue reading

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Primitive Painters

Primitive Painters—Lyrics by Lawrence of Belgravia.—Dura Mater–Vocals by Dean with backup by Dena— This was the first song we worked on together as Dura Mater, James and Dena had been playing with it for a long time without getting what … Continue reading

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Song to the Siren

Song To The Siren–Lyrics by Tim Buckley——— Dura Mater—-Vocals by Dena—- (James says) We were trying different versions of this and we couldn’t make it any better than Tim or Elizabeth Frasier. It was Dean’s idea to make it island-styled, … Continue reading

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Phobos—By James Lane.–(James says)  Named after the smaller of Mars’ two moons. Although the song is only 4 minutes and 39 seconds the actual orbit of Phobos takes only 7 hours, 39.2 minutes to circumnavigate the planet of Mars, the … Continue reading

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Isolation–Dura Mater–Vocals by Dena—Lyrics by Ian Curtis. Once again, we wanted a mood that portrayed our feelings about the lyrics not just cover the song. Ian’s words lent themselves beautifully to a 3/4 time signature.

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