Telepathy, More Than Just Emotions

There have been times when through meditation and lots of introspection I’ve found a truth, a new way of looking at life or at least a piece of it, new for me that is. Most of the time when the light suddenly shines for me I’ve spent some time reveling in my new found understanding before beginning to realize that the truth I’ve found has been found by many in the past. Most of these revelations have been written about over and over through the generations and years. For some reason I seem to have the need to find these thoughts, these philosophies, these truths, for myself, seldom being able to simply read about them and learn from the work of others.

Recently I realized that one of the things I’ve spent the most time meditating and studying about is again something that has been described many times in the past. Not necessarily defined exactly as I see and understand it but still close enough for me to realize it is the same thing. The truth I’m referring to is the existence of the “third eye”. Although I think the two eyes we already have pass a lot of information there is definitely something else that we can use for added communication.

I’ve written my thoughts about emotional telepathy before, you can find it by looking at the post, “Emotional Telepathy” posted on Nov 8, 2010

Recent thoughts about this has led me to understand that it isn’t just emotions we can share, there is real telepathy. The problem?  It’s without words, you can’t carry on a regular conversation mentally so no, no one can read the exact thoughts in your mind. The easiest things to send and receive are emotions and that’s why for a long time I thought this was all you could share. Then I began to realize I was receiving more than emotions from some people, at times knowing things about them that I had no way of knowing otherwise.
Can you exchange information without words, can you grasp a concept or a whole paragraph of meaning without words? Yes, and that is how telepathy works. There aren’t enough people around with a strong ability and we have learned to block people so well that we aren’t forced to admit what is happening. We can accept emotions being exchanged without too much fear but to think some of the ideas we have actually came from someone else is very unsettling to most people.

The understanding of this concept began for me about 10 years ago when my recently deceased mother visited me and we had about a 10 minute conversation. Yes I know, most people don’t believe this is possible, I must have been hallucinating. I think of myself as very grounded mentally, very balanced, and with no tendency to hallucinations or delusional thinking. So why would I accept that the only two times I have had these problems is when I was talking to my mother and when I, at another time, was outside my body for a short time? But that’s what those I’ve told about these events have decided, I was having the only hallucinations of my entire 70 year life. I don’t think so.
When I was conversing with my deceased mother I had no problem understanding what she was saying. There was a slight surprise when she knew what I was going to say before I had time to put it into words. I didn’t even realize at the time that I wasn’t hearing, or receiving words from her. Her communication was in full thoughts sent instantaneously. Later my mind put words to the exchange, I think so I could better understand and remember what we ‘talked’ about.

Recently I was describing to a friend how to open yourself up to this kind of communication, “We have all built walls around ourselves for protection but these walls also isolate us from those around us. Instead of trying to instantly tear down the wall I take a more simple approach. Make a door, just behind and slightly above you eyes. Mine is a double door but it doesn’t matter what configuration it has. When you want to be open to people see and sense yourself opening this door and allowing their communication to pass through. You can also feel yourself reach out through the door to the person or people you want to communicate with and send them your feelings and with practice your thoughts. Add this to what people call ‘non-verbal’ communication and you have something that almost reaches true, full telepathy.”
A few days later I woke in the morning with the thought, “Sometimes I’m really not to bright, what I’ve been using and describing is what has for centuries been called the third eye.” So I did some research specifically on this and found it describes a lot of what I have found but is also in some respects quite different from my experiences. This isn’t too surprising, whoever is explaining this phenomenon is trying to use words to describe something that can’t be understood in words.

My next step was to try to understand why some people are so good at this and some can’t do it at all. I haven’t reached any better understanding of why but have put together some thoughts on the people who can’t do it. The more I thought about it the more I realize a lot of what we call nonverbal communication is actually telepathy. We read it better when we are face to face and better in close proximity. And we read it better when we can see the other persons eyes. The old saying, “The eyes are the windows to the soul” fits very well here. There is the third eye but the two we already have also pass a lot of information between people.
I’ve met a few people with Asperger’s syndrome. These people are very literal, they don’t get innuendo or understand subtext in a conversation. As I meditated on all this I realized the reason they are that way is they don’t understand nonverbal communication and have no ability to use telepathy. The less ability they have the worse their symptoms of Asperger’s, and there is a continuum from them to those with Autism. It seems to me those with Autism are the ones with almost no connection to the world around them, they are truly cut off within their own minds, they are truly alone.

Often those with Asperger’s or the more severe Autism are very intelligent in their fields. almost like being at least partially cut off from the world around you allows you to use more of your mind for academic intelligence.   And this helps explain why the psychologist haven’t been able to prove telepathy in their studies.  The people doing the studies are the people with the least ability in the subject they are trying to study.  It’s like a color blind person trying to find red.

And so back to the way to enhance this ability, the most important is to meditate, also practice opening your doors (yourself) to those around you. One of the best, and most rewarding, times to do this is during sex, or I should say just before, during, and just after sex. If you’re in a relationship it will be a happier one if you can be open to/with each other most of the time. At first you will probably find that you will become mentally tired when you are open for long periods, don’t worry about this, your mental strength will increase over time.  To me the goal is to be able to be as open as possible as much of the time as possible.

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