240 Pounds and Getting Old/Does the Atkins Diet Really Work

It’s time, actually way past time, that I work on my weight and while I’m at it maybe get in better shape overall.  I have an exercise bike and a weight center in an extra bedroom but don’t use it more than a couple times a week.  At 70 years old I don’t have all that many more years so if I’m ever going to become a slender he-man now’s the time to get started.  Well how about simply loosing 30 or 40 lbs and doing some minor exercise?

I’ve dieted before, not many times but have tried it, and find the main problem is how boring it gets eating the same thing over and over.  But then most of the time I’m bored with food anyway so—-

Countless times I’ve told patients, “Losing weight might not be easy but it is simple, eat less and get more exercise”.  But like everyone else I tried to find an easier shortcut to my weight.  After looking at a number of diets I kept coming back to the Atkins plan and even found the book in a local used book store.  The premise sounds so logical; we burn sugars for instant energy so if we eat a lot of carbs we don’t burn fats.  Decrease carbs below a certain level and your body is forced to burn the fat for energy.  No counting calories, don’t allow yourself to go hungry, eat all you want and lose weight.  Wow!  I’ve heard about it before but never really looked into it in depth, is this really the miracle we’ve all been looking for to lose weight?

There’s a two week “induction” phase then phase 2 where you lose slower and last phase 3 for maintenance.  Dr Atkin warns that you might lose too fast in the induction phase so need to be careful about electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins.  $300 spent in 2 days to stock up on the foods I’ll need and I’m on the Atkins low carb diet, wish me luck.

At the end of the 2 week induction phase I have been putting off weighing so I can be surprised, and am I ever surprised!  In two weeks I’ve lost a total of 3 lbs.  What the hell is this, what happened to weight lose so rapid it might be dangerous?

So I go back to the book, far in the back, in the question and answer section.  One of the questions is, “What if I don’t lose weight in the induction phase?”  The answer goes into health problems that make it difficult to lose weight, medications, and finally says if you don’t have any of these problems MAYBE YOU’RE JUST EATING TOO MUCH.

So, what’s the best way to lose weight?  How about eat less and exercise more!!!!!!!!

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2 Responses to 240 Pounds and Getting Old/Does the Atkins Diet Really Work

  1. Dena Hankins says:


    Gotta admit, I’ve never been even mildly attracted to the Atkins diet. You could say I’m on the anti-Atkins – rice or rice-flour-breads at every meal. The up-side is that it’s readily available energy, but I guess that’s the theory behind Atkins, right? Burn fat, not food?

    Never quite understood what your body’s supposed to be doing with all the non-carb food…it’s not like it just gets shit out without processing.

  2. Dean says:

    A low carb diet is supposed to be good for diabetics and pre-diabetics so since my dad was diabetic as he got older maybe I should be watching carbs anyway regardless of weight concerns.

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